Wait! Don't Do It!

Whether you’re pumping iron at the gym or battling that rush-hour commute, listen to Raffi and NuNu Paris talk race, pop culture, and the human experience.





HAPPY PRIDE! This week NuNu Paris and Raffi celebrate PRIDE (& Gemini Season) while discussing what pride means to them! Follow us on IG: @waitdontdoitpodcast Listen on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDzUq5AzfnM

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Be a Grower, Not a Shower


Category is: GROWTH! Raffi and NuNu Paris explore the three keys to growth as they open up like never before about fear, trauma and more!

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Whew Chile!


Hood, ghetto fabulous and everything in between! NuNu Paris & Raffi discuss the implications of the use of the term "ghetto" in our society.

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Just Be Who You Are!


Raffi and NuNu explore sexual orientation through their own coming out stories, offering anecdotal wisdom on the journey we all take towards self discovery!

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Do Not Turn This Off!


Get to know your hosts, NuNu Paris and Raffi as they tell you what NOT to do!

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