Take Your Power back!!

This podcast is dedicated to unlocking your gifts and bringing you closer to being who you really are... It's not just a podcast, it's a school of thought




We’re being influenced by something everyday that’s changing our behavior, but what kind of impact would we have on our lives if we chose who could influence us! And defined for ourselves who we want to be. This will Chang your life!

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Necessary Pain


Life is a Journey and some painful things are necessary for us to become who God wants us to be! Come listen as me and the young visionary T.Y. chop it up on some truth!

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Guilt and shame have no place in your life! Come inside my world view and learn the secret to seeing yourself the way God sees you!

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you are a solution! you were born to solve a problem with the world. Find out what that problem is and start a RIOT! And free the people

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