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To The Dome with everything you can think of including guests that we know personally!


#004 - BK's a Goner, Alan and Manny talk AZ


Brandon goes down for the count missing and Alan and Manny talk driving Priuses and other cars, Arizona Spring Training Dodgers Baseball, and UFC fighters.

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#002-BK's Deceit, Alan's Debate, and Sum More Conspiracies


BK breaks down what he does on his off time, while Alan spends his time contemplating leaving us for another new startup podcast... Manny brings up AR-15s and flat earth vids. Check in NOW!

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#003-Weekend Warriors and Pokemon Trainers


The boys talk about past weekend events, professional fights, and the trio's favorite game coming out later this year! Check us out now!

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#001-Food, Conspiracies, and Bad Dreams


BK, Alan, and Manny go in on what food they'd eat if it was their last, take off the top layer on a couple conspiracy theories, and the terror of sleep paralysis. Don't forget the scary stories for your enjoyment.

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