The Irish league's missing podcast.

Imagine loving the Irish league. Imagine creating a podcast. Then dip your ears into this crazed, fanatical combination & you'll realise what The Waffle is. Fans having fun. The Irish League is madness. But it's bloody addictive.


"I don't know what a hand ball is!" - Andy Waterworth


2 weeks, 2 long. Waffle back. Oval reviews. Chats on NI v Germany. NIFL reviews & all that. Plus a bit of Johns barking dog in the background. Puppy classes?!

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Michael Carvill was our 400th Follower


Michael Carvill was our 400th Follower. Brought to you by the Waffle. Also Linfield are doing pretty well in Europe. Most of the pod is surrounded by a poorly received fry on Saturday in the social club. I am composing an email as I type.

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Jean Claude & Conor discover what Instagram is & decide to go live. Interview conducted with the King of the North Adam Buick.

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Curious Kyle Laugherty


What happened in the first two NIFL matches of the season? As if you don't know! Also a big congrats to Linfield, staying in Europe a lot longer than Theresa May.

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Seasons Greetings from Sean Ward & The Waffle


Seasons greetings. Starring: Sean Ward of Glentoran, Linfield & Crusaders fame. He also recently emptied his keys, phone & Raul Jiminez from his pocket. The Groundhopper who is endeavoring to be at all 36 grounds in the top 3 divisions this season.

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Wolves Can't Eat Waffles


Basically some English podcasters tried to meddle with us. Unsuccessfully of course. John & Con dissect all things Irish League as the curtain to the new season slowly unpeels itself. Chat on women's football, youth football & Lord Voldermort.

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Våffel Chat På Europa


The Waffler boys chat European exploits. Ballymena & Crusaders head to the Faroes, Cliftonville to Wales & Linfield to Norway. Featuring antics & unexpected (& unnecessary) sound effects. Love to Europe from the Waffle or Våffel.

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A Brief Enquiry Into 2018/19 Season


A brief platitudinous look back on a thoroughly enjoyable 2018/19 season in the best league in the world!

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