A new, weekly podcast where two friends, Eric and DJ, (and sometimes a special guest) are tasked with making a pitch for an anime based on ideas drawn out of a hat.


Animaybe-05: Superpowers/ Steampunk


This week, Eric tries to teach DJ what Steampunk is while trying to tackle the dreaded "Mary Sue" card"

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Animaybe-04: Dark Fantasy/Super-Robots


Sorry about the audio quality this week. This week our heroes try to make something remotely palatable out of the genres Dark Fantasy and Super-Robots. Please reach out to us at @thetuesdayklub and

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Animaybe-03: Everyday Life/ Horror


The Genres for today are Everyday Life and Horror. If you have any ideas for different genres or tropes to go in our hats please send them to and we are @thetuesdayklub on Twitter. Thanks!

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Animaybe-00: Reborn as a Horse


Eric and DJ realized how easy it is to make an "isekai" anime and decided to make one themselves.

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