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The Sole Supplier Podcast #3 - Kola Tytler (Dropout Milano) & Emily Atkins (Head of The Sole Supplier Community)


George Sullivan, CEO of The Sole Supplier and Alex Vas are back with a very educational episode featuring: Kola Tytler, associate of the Yeezy Mafia and founder of Dropout Milano discusses

- The early days of Yeezy Mafia.

- What the brands think.

- How Dropout Milano got into the resale market.

- What brands think of resellers.

- What collaboration is coming next for Nike.

- How to build a bot.


Emily Atkins, Head of Community at The Sole Supplier discusses - How she won a sneaker bot.

- What bots she uses and which ones work well.

- How the music industry collaborations have similarities to sneakers.


We hope you enjoy.

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