The Screw with hosts Felicia Rose and ALove

A weekly, sex-positive, queer-loving, wrestling-watching, blunt smoking podcast.


P*ssy PSA Promo


49. The Screw gets wasted and Felicia walks us through the intricacies of pussy maintenance.

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Pushed out of the Plane a Pride Story: with Mark Haggerty


48. Tequila, pussy and special guest pride story from Mark Haggerty- Welcome to The Screw.

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The Sorceress Supreme: featuring Kamryn Ehlen Jerrel


47. The Screw interviews wrestling sensation and activist Kamryn Ehlen Jerrel.

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Feed My ShEgo


46. The Screw is back with 50 Ways to name Felicia Rose’s P*ssy. ALove and The Peope’s Tramp also discuss identity and sex, with nonchalance of course.

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