The Screw with hosts Felicia Rose and ALove

A weekly, sex-positive, queer-loving, wrestling-watching, blunt smoking podcast.


Space Pirates in Flight, Afternoon Delight


38. Felicia and Alove catch up on the shitty current events of the moment.

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The Prettiest C*m Rag in the World


37. ALove and Felicia catch up on love, sex and men behaving badly (as usual).

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Sex Toys and Queers in Comics


36. Felicia and ALove are up to their usual sexy nonsense. Jon, one of the Screw Podcast interns stops by for our new Queer Corner.

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Speaking of Garbage, My P*ssy


35. The People’s Tramp discusses a recent spelunking expedition into her cavernous situation with her partner in grime ALove.

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