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Episode #22: So you wanna be Insta-famous ?


Who else feels that Instagram is just a huge ad now? Sometimes it’s like that… everyone is out there trying to be the next Kylie Jenner. From clickbait to brand exposure, to “Shoutout for Shoutout” …. Here’s the story...

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Episode #21 - No Plan, No Problem!


You asked we listened. Today we have NO FORMAT, so why not. Let’s jump on in and explore that "New York City life" with apples and uber drivers? Uh ok.. Sure…

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Episode #20 - What makes YOU happy?


We dive into everything that makes you happy... and uh, the great Christmas debate (IN SEPTEMBER?!) What.. that can't be right. Oh well, you'll need to tune in!

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Episode #19 - Love, Lies, and Lust…?


Dates can be the best days….. Or not so much. Are you ready to get deep and personal into The Fly By team’s personal love life? Plus: find out what caused our listeners some serious distress on this “Lovely” episode!

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