Tender Podcast

Tender is a thoughtful podcast series about what happens when women leave abusive relationships. It follows one woman’s story as she slowly—but surely—gets to know herself again.


#10: I Have No Other Name


In ‘I Have No Other Name’ (#EP10), Madison performs live at Loop Bar and Project Space in Melbourne to celebrate finishing season one, as well as announcing her new partnership with Broadwave.

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#9: Who's That?


In ‘Who’s That?’ (#EP9), Madison attempts to tick off the three stages of emotional recovery, and wonders if it’s time for her to embark on the rest of this journey alone.

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#8: Lightness, But Never Forgiveness


In ‘Lightness, But Never Forgiveness’ (#EP8), Madison wonders why she continues to have bad dreams about Theo, assuming that it has a lot to do with having never received an apology from him.

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#7: Our Place to Run Amok


In ‘Our Place to Run Amok’ (#EP7), Madison adopts a large dog named Fil, and finds solace in her local dog park. Also, Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ function taunts her, forcing her to remember sad memories… draped in confetti.

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