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Episode 5: Women's Health


What does women's health have to do with sustainability? We believe they're linked in ways that your ego wasn't expecting. The brilliant Dr. Hannah Layden educates us on an increasingly urgent topic.

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Episode 4: Public Action


More people are getting involved in their communities these days, but how do we get ourselves to jump across the gap between social media activism and real-life community involvement? Outdoor lover and Theodores' founder Dylan Stiegemeier joins us!

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Episode 3: Innovation


We know innovation is important, but how exactly does it play into sustainable societies? Chris Cochran guides us through what innovation means to him; as we unravel more mysteries into the vague art of sustainability in this inspiring episode.

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Episode 2: Clothing


How exactly does the clothing industry affect the world? Bri Crotinger of Knotted Massage joins us this to shed some light on how it's possible to make big impacts in a good way by making tiny changes in our general perspective.

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