We strive to gain valuable insights through critical thinking and meaningful conversations. Robert has founded a Hedge fund and is also an independent financial adviser, originally from China and now lives in the states. Roy has founded an advertising and marketing agency for cross-border businesses, originally from China, later moved to Canada, and now lives L.A. We both live in beautiful southern California and value critical observations, thinking, and reasoning. One coin has two sides, multiple sides at times. And we hope to share with you our 2 cents on a wide range of topics. Disclaimer: The podcast will mainly be produced in English, since we are both bilingual sometimes we will use mandarin to explain certain cultural specific things. All quotes are original, unless stated otherwise.


ep 18


ep 18

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实力 VS 资源 ( Meritocracy vs Resources)


In this thrilling and bilingual episode, Roy and Robert get into the debate between meritocracy vs resources( capital, connections etc).

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Power of Habits


In this episode, Roy and Robert discuss how we, humans are creature of habits and how powerful our habits shape who we are, both good and bad. We also share our own routines in this one as well as the routines of people we admire.

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Problems with Higher Education


In EP 15, Robert and Roy dive into the pitfalls of higher education ( College level). We also discuss the potential people have these days to learn outside of classrooms and what the future of education may look like.

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