#RedforEd Podcast

A biweekly conversation between educators, advocates and community members on the Arizona Educators United #RedforEd Movement


Episode 6- "Sticking it to the Paint Man"


The #RedforEd Podcast returns as Jay and Erin sit down with Josh Rosenbaum, a high school teacher in Central Phoenix about everyones favorite hashtags: #RedforEd and #InvestinEd!

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Episode 5- "The Moose is Loose."


Episode 5 of the #RedforEd Podcast is LIVE! Jay and Erin are joined by Nik Martin to break down the chaotic events of the past week and a half. Then, they discuss the next steps including the #InvestInEd ballot initiative. Enjoy!

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Episode 4- "I'm On A Bridge!" LIVE.


Episode 4 of the #RedforEd Podcast is full of enthusiasm! Jay and Erin interview different people from the Walkout "Prep-Rally." and the...I-10 bridge? Guests include Noah Karvelis, Stephanie Parra, Joseph Fuentes, Dana Ramos, Andrea McPhall and MORE!

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Episode 3- "You Can Have That Cat"


Episode 3 of the #RedforEd Podcast is live! Erin and Jay are joined by guest host and AEU Liaison Kira to chat about the newest updates with #RedforEd...and hot dogs? Then, Erin and Jay interview Noah Karvelis (and his girlfriend's cat) to talk shop!

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