Picture's Up: A podcast about careers in film.

On a film set, when the AD call's "Rehearsal's Up" it signals that it is time for rehearsal to begin, and when he/she calls "Picture's Up" it signals that rehearsal is over and it is time to begin filming. This podcast is about transitioning from interest in a career in film, to having a career in film.

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Jeff MacNeill: From student to Disney


Animator Jeff MacNeill tells the story of graduating from school and being recruited to Disney.

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Marlowe Taylor: Sounds good to me!


Is sound REALLY 51% of a movie? I was blown away!

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Colleen Mleziva: Camera Assistant


AC/Loader from Captain America, Fate of the Furious, Vice, Captain Marvel shares experiences and insights.

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Wells Smith: Key Grip


Learn how to make sure your department gets the resources it needs from veteran key grip Wells Smith.

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