Listen to them... Children of the Night! Light your lantern, grab your Garlic and Wolfsbane and hold close as we set out to explore the fascination with the Fantastical. Monsterkids is an in-depth exploration of great horror in films, television, literature, music and comics.


MonsterKids- David Schecter


Our very guest today is an expert in the world of Monster music. Monstrous Movie Music’s producer and liner note writer, David Shecther. David has spent over two decades writing for a wide variety of projects, including magazine and newspaper articles, books and a whole host of other assignments.   Before getting into the record business, David was said to had a social life, hobbies, and a modicum of sanity.   He is the winner of two Rondo Awards, one for music producing and the other for writing, let’s welcome David Schecter…


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