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Episode 9: An update w/ Kayla


Jessica & Kayla dive into personal updates to share what's on our minds, in our hearts and how we plan to take action. Kayla shares what it's like to go from saying yes to saying no, how relating & personal responsibility is going.

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The Right To Choose with Piper Bonacquist of The Colorado Doula Project


In this episode we talk abortion rights, reproductive rights. Piper shares about The Colorado Doula Project's values of advocating for pro-choice, intersectional, anti-oppression & anti-racism in reproductive rights.

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Anger: a powerful embodiment tool


In this episode we discuss all the sides of anger- embodied or disembodied and how powerful it can be in manifesting, setting boundaries, and finding self worth.

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Part 2 of white privilege, intersectionality & diversity inclusion


Part 2; we continue to uncover white privilege, racism and diversity inclusion. Our intention is to open the eyes of white people to the ways we are contributing everyday to racism & white privilege and how to start looking through a new lens

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