Lost at Home

Real and raw talk on the struggles of "finding yourself"


9. Mind ghosts


Season 2 is starting out with a banger. This is definitely not a light-hearted episode, but it is one that is very close and personal to us, as well as important to talk about. Yep, we are talking about our mental health and how we deal with it.

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8. Merry traveling and happy holidays


This is the last episode of the season! This time we discuss different ways of traveling and how we prepare for them. We wish everyone a happy holiday and safe flight. P.s. there is a special treat at the end of our episode.

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7. We are SO unconventional


Hey guys! Today we not only have a guest on our podcast, but we also discuss our unconventional choices after highschool and compare the expectations that our families, school and the international community had of us.

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6. Hey beautiful.


In this episode we discuss the global and cultural-specific beauty ideals, fashion trends and our experiences with it. *Disclaimer*: Sometimes we say 'culture' when we actually mean 'ethnicity'.

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