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Dive into classic and modern literature in a fun and accessible way featuring original and live performed music, voice acting, reading, story telling, in depth descriptions and insights into the mind of the author with the Knight Reader


Knight Reader LIVECAST! Happy Birthday Herman Melville


We honor Herman Melville on his 200th birthday, and speak of his wonderful works. Livecast through Castbox

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Nine-Your Favorite Reads 2 With Taylor Proctor of Happiness Abound


We hear from Taylor Proctor of the Happiness Abound Podcastabout what books inspired her towards her career and lifestyle. Some poetry written by my listeners, a eulogy for a woman who inspired me, and cool insights into the world of literature

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Moby Dick part eight-Ahab Revealed, Knights and squires


We meet the Knights and Squires, and Captain Ahab is finally revealed. The Knight Reader discusses the topic of inspiration and Melvilles' goals as an author

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Moby Dick part seven-Ishmaels' Lament


Ishmael and Queequeg depart on the pequod, and Ishmael says goodbye to Nantucket. A mysterious prophecy is getting the better of him, though.

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