A podcast about the future of electricity

The Flux Capacitor podcast will feature discussions on the future of the business of electricity, and the impacts of future technological change and market transformation on customers, companies, and the electricity business. CEA will feature discussions with the industry’s business leaders, thought leaders, new market players, and stakeholders that have been pondering the future of how we create, move, trade and use energy, and what the future changes will mean for electricity companies, regulators, society, and customers.


Episode 004: Gianna Manes, Living in Exponential Times and Thinking Differently


Featured discussion with the ENMAX Corporation’s Gianna Manes and creative approaches to engaging with customers, corporate culture change, diversity and communicating about price.

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Episode 003: Jim Robb and the Complex Future of the North American Grid


Featured discussion with the NERC’s Jim Robb on how complex the future of the North American Grid looks, including DER integration, electrification, and staying ahead of emerging cyber threats

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Episode 002: Peter Gregg on the Future Challenges of a System Operator


Featured discussion with the IESO’s Peter Gregg on the challenges of distributed generation, reliability, new technologies and emerging threats to an electricity system operator

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Episode 001: Karen Hutt on Being Customer-centric


On the inaugural episode of the Flux Capacitor, Francis Bradley interviews Karen Hutt, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Power. Their discussion focuses on renewable electricity, customer expectations, electrification and transportation in Nova Scotia.

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