Become a Legend

Enjoy a new podcast "Become a Legend" hosted by Edvard Vondra (Ed) Tokyo’s Leading Personal Branding Trainer and Founder of Personal Branding Program for female entrepreneurs. Being me in a "we" culture is hard. However, we will all die as individuals. Every Thursday evening Tokyo time, we will create minimum 10 minutes long content with market insights about content creation, business producing, personal branding, business in Japan and Asia, interview with exciting guests, business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, journalists, models, producers, personal trainers, and consultants. Please support us to to create massive value for the audience and female entrepreneurs in Asia and globally.


How To Stop Thinking and Start Doing


When we begin to respect our time we will have a focus on execution and doing things instead of thinking. 

Don`t make me wrong; planning and thinking are not the same. It is better when we understand our why, what, how and so what as the foundation of personal branding and business. Before you can add the "floor of a house," you need to lay the foundation of who you are, what you are doing, how and what is the impact you are aiming to have. 

Your impact can increase because of the internet and the scalability of your business. We have access to 4 billion people online on different platforms. 

You are not limited with your town, country, network, language, culture. You can find your audience globally if you have something that they need and what they want.  

In this podcast, we will talk about the opportunity to have online exposure and paradigm shift how we can utilize it for our business. 

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