Cutscenes & Cupcakes

The podcast where we talk about video games and give them a dessert rating. We are Lindsey, Marlee, and Steph. Three gamer girls with various levels of gaming experience. *Some episodes may contain content/language that is PG-13 in rating. Listener discretion is advised.

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Episode 3: Until Dawn


Lindsey, Marlee, and Steph take a trip to Blackwood Mountain in this episode about Until Dawn. SPOILER WARNING. This episode contains explicit language. Listener discretion is advised.

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Episode 2: Detroit Become Human


Hi, our names are Lindsey, Marlee, and Steph, we are the androids sent by Cyberlife. We talk about what we liked and didn't like about Detroit Become Human. Then give a rating in cupcakes! SPOILER WARNING.

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Episode 1: Bioshock


Lindsey, Marlee, and Steph welcome you! In our debut episode, we dive into Rapture to talk about the popular video game, Bioshock. After we talk about the game, we will give a rating in cupcakes. SPOILER WARNING.

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