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Mahvel Baby!!!!


Like Marvel superheroes? Who doesn't these days! we go over upcoming MCU movies, and what we'd like to see, it's a fun time DCU will be next week.

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Ep 2: Raindrops on Roses?


Welcome to Ep 2 James and I chat about some of our Favorite stuff, and we may get a little sidetracked. I felt this was a good time so hopefully you'll have one while listening! Remember, Be Excellent To Each Other And Party On Dudes!!!!!

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Ep1: This Party's Getting Crazy, Let's Rock!


Welcome to Culture Pop, here we talk about things we love in Pop and Nerd Culture, in the first episode, You'll meet me (Cooper) And my Friends, Nate and James as we go over our top 3 animes of... Right now, All Time is a big commitment, Come have a Blast

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