College Wisdom Pod

Podcast brothers "teach" you what you never learned in college. We solve all the big problems in life using easy banter and Wikipedia.



Josh101, broken words, and a broken hand.


Josh gets roasted, we discuss words that are broken, and tell the story of Nicks broken hand.

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Filetype: M4A - Size: 64.69MB - Duration: 46:43 m

Nick 101, steam room, and a horror story.


Nick 101, Steam room, A horror story from our childhood

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Filetype: M4A - Size: 77.26MB - Duration: 55:48 m

Refrigerators, Cars and ASMR


Nick runs a red light. Tuna fish is cat food. And Refrigerators are tricky.

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Filetype: M4A - Size: 79.07MB - Duration: 41:44 m

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