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Do you need neonicotinoid-treated seed


Join Penn State Professor of Entomology John Tooker as he discusses the evolution of neonicotinoid insecticide use and its effect on the health of crop land soils and beneficial insects.

Many seed treatments aren't necessary - not because the insecticidal part of the seed treatment can't kill insects; it is that the insect pests are relatively common. Most of the insect species that are targeted by the neonicotinoid insecticidal coatings are secondary pests. "They are the secondary pests because they are not the primary concern, they are a secondary concern. Their populations are sporadic, and they can be pretty hard to find. Just from that perspective, deploying insecticide when there is no need seems unecessary to me and perhaps even wasteful," said Tooker.

Download and read the supplement, including links to more info.

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