Be Your Own Boss

Your one stop shop for self help and a clear path towards becoming your own boss. Enjoy the lyrical talents of Jonny Lake and Jordan Cameron on their wonderful journey through life



Alcoholic 'Bro'gurt


The trio gets down and dirty. Imagine your ears climaxing to an alien. That's it.

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 43.91MB - Duration: 31:58 m (192 kbps 48000 Hz)

Clearing Petty Theft


Took a bit to get warmed up, but man are we ever drenched in sweat after that heater of a recording. Enjoy the fifth installment of the easy to follow, self help guide to success. (3 keys to get rich quick included)

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Filetype: MP3 - Size: 69.32MB - Duration: 30:17 m (320 kbps 44100 Hz)

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