Be Your Own Boss

Your one stop shop for self help and a clear path towards becoming your own boss. Enjoy the lyrical talents of Jonny Lake and Jordan Cameron on their wonderful journey through life


Yelling For Hugs


If you have to yell at subway, you're either too hungry or the employee's are screwing with you.

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Alcoholic 'Bro'gurt


The trio gets down and dirty. Imagine your ears climaxing to an alien. That's it.

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I'm A Cool Prostitute?


Some people pay for sex, others just go to their job and get sexually harassed for money. Find out which one Jordan is on this weeks episode.

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Get Your Gurwel With Ad Reads


Mix it down with the crew as we read ads to help you get the girl of your dreams.

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Taxidermy, Stimulate Your Senses


The duo becomes a trio. Say good-bye to grieving, keep your loved ones preserved like a twinkie with a new and improved twist.

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Clearing Petty Theft


Took a bit to get warmed up, but man are we ever drenched in sweat after that heater of a recording. Enjoy the fifth installment of the easy to follow, self help guide to success. (3 keys to get rich quick included)

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Dumpin On The Job


Welcome back to another insatiable joyride through the kingdom of knowledge. Join the Boss Boys on a terribly vague adventure through media. The extra ten minutes is a one time thing okay guys don't get your hopes up, she's never coming back.

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Crust Burglar Adultery


From absolute desperation, to viewing the worst in the brightest of lights, these clowns take your mind, body, and soul, and cash it in for all it's worth. Tune in to find out 3 easy tricks to brighten your smile and maybe find love.

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Jenny Craig Gone Sexual


Episode 2 baby! This one brought to you by Jenny Craig. Get sexual with the dynamic duo as they embark on the journey to freedom.... financial freedom that is.

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Mega Pyramid Desk


Our first episode covers a variety of topics, toss us a rate! Enjoy.

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